“The ‘art of doing art’ is challenging and complex.
Over the last few decades, the changing state of my spirit
has continued to have a significant impact on my artistic expression.
It has led to the creation of distinctively different styles in each of my series.
We are human beings, all born equal but fundamentally different.
This is the same way I would describe my art over the years:
equal but different from series to series.
My creativity is ever-evolving, but always with one signature
- Enzina Fuschini.”

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impact 300x300 Catch Fuschini’s IMPACTCatch Fuschini’s IMPACT at the Kings Road Gallery Chelsea 8th-19th June


The prolific and acclaimed Italian fine artist and designer Enzina Fuschini strides boldly into the abstract in her latest show, IMPACT, which is on display at 508 Kings Road Gallery until 19th June.

In the exhibition Fuschini explores, using oil on canvas, the “complexity of a moment of impact in life”.

To be more precise, “that moment where everything changes in a split second and the recurring impact this has as a consequence on our lives. Whether they are positive or productive, devastating or saving, destroying or creative.”

The unpredictable nature of these moments, which have “shaped and revolutionised our spirit and intellect”, and changed the course of history, leaving behind “entire civilisations”, are expressed, Fuschini explains, in “nervous brush strokes that appear to have not nearly enough patience to deeply examine the impact on the canvas”.

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enzina fi 1 300x188 A Take On TheresaArtist Enzina Fuschini showcases her take on Theresa May at an exhibition in Chelsea; the work is supposedly anything but political

Italian artist and designer Enzina Fuschini held a press preview for her ‘Impact’ exhibition at Chelsea’s 508 Gallery on the Kings Road last night.

Aside from eleven 100cm by 100cm oil on canvas works, ranging in price from £3,000 to 4,000, and one larger canvas at £6,850, this energetic “pictorial force” has included a timely portrayal of Theresa May. The painting contains all the colours of the Tory leader’s “red, white and blue Brexit” but, according to its artist, presents “her in a timeless style with an ageless expression”.

Of the work, a spokesman for Fuschini remarked:

“[Enzina sought to] portray the woman behind the politician. The painting is not political. She had already started the painting three months before the General Election announcement and intends to give the painting to Theresa May as a keepsake”.

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