“The ‘art of doing art’ is challenging and complex.
Over the last few decades, the changing state of my spirit
has continued to have a significant impact on my artistic expression.
It has led to the creation of distinctively different styles in each of my series.
We are human beings, all born equal but fundamentally different.
This is the same way I would describe my art over the years:
equal but different from series to series.
My creativity is ever-evolving, but always with one signature
- Enzina Fuschini.”

Hello,I am Enzina, my painting has a history!

About me

I'm Enzina Fuschini, my painting has a story, it was born in Matierno of Salerno in Italy, where I was born. I chose to continue their studies in the arts at the art school of Salerno. After a short time in Milan in which I won several art awards such as the Serbelloni palace and the exhibition in the avant-garde art gallery 2, I moved to Genoa. Here now art critics very appreciated my work. After so many sacrifices I decided to go to meet the De Chirico teacher who was an inspiration for my painting. I stayed at home for two years De Chirico painting my paintings inspired by the works of the Master. It was like my home, and it created a great relationship with the De Chirico family. Those were happy years, but not enough for me. I wanted to reach the capital of art, Paris, and realize another dream. In France, I started attending the circle of artists in Saint Germain de Pres, and I met surrealist artists including Russians Chemiakin. After a few years in collaboration with them I opened a gallery called 'Mythology' which went very well. I exhibitions I was in France, in Belgium in Brussels, and my paintings were sought after and purchased worldwide.
Later I met an English banker David that I carry 'with him in New York. In New York I was very productive, painted constantly creating collections constantly. During this stay the art dealer De Chirico, Siniscalchi Carmine contacted me to tell me that Mrs. Isabella De Chirico invited me to create a new collection in memory of Master De Chirico. This collection should have through my painting to tell the Master's style. Ms. De Chirico and Siniscalchi pensavana that I was the perfect person for this artistic union which held place in Gallery S. Studies in Rome. After this strong experience, I started to create my first relationship with the gallery Castles but unfortunately my husband decided to return to London because of work and I followed him.


I arrived in 1988 in London, Kensington. After a short time I inserted myself in high society in London: bankers, art dealers, financiers, who invested in my area and that I even brought higher sales and inspirations for new jobs. He awoke in me the desire to paint the objects, especially plates and porcelain.  So I discovered the beauty and quality of bone china that is produced in England. I created my own studio with a personal oven. Many photos of my works were made by Steve Wood, Royal photographer hired by Princess Diana with whom we became friends. In '94 begins my approach to the Christian faith, my work was also appreciated by Rüdiger K. Weng, an internationally renowned collector who bought a whole collection (between 25 and 30 paintings).
In later years my vision of art became more commercial. Transforming my art in luxury products such as the Darling project. A project born from a picture, but it quickly became a style of dress, tasteful that was requested and used by many as: Sunseeker Superyachts, Harrods '' Truly British, the Dorchester, Hilton Hotel. These became successful years especially after Harrods bought all my collections were on display for about 4 and a half years. Period during which I met the son of Karim Fayed. Pier Morgan also showed interest in the Darling.

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