“The ‘art of doing art’ is challenging and complex.
Over the last few decades, the changing state of my spirit
has continued to have a significant impact on my artistic expression.
It has led to the creation of distinctively different styles in each of my series.
We are human beings, all born equal but fundamentally different.
This is the same way I would describe my art over the years:
equal but different from series to series.
My creativity is ever-evolving, but always with one signature
- Enzina Fuschini.”

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Enzina Fuschini introduces her new exhibition at 508 Art Gallery

Impact 300x300 MAKE AN IMPACT

What was your main source of inspiration for Impact?


The inspiration for IMPACT was born from the inner desire to understand and to express the turmoil of various impacts and circumstances that we have to face day by day. This is a reality that cannot be denied. We have no choice other than just to embrace these events and the changes that engulf us, whether we like it or not. I wanted to stimulate our thinking about the revolving continuous changes that take place around and within us when we are faced with impacts.

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enzina2 231x300 Enzina Fuschini, una donna e un’artista

Enzina Fuschini, una donna e un’artista. Un ponte con la comunità in grado di emozionare

Incontro con Enzina Fuschini, eclettica artista italiana che lavora e trasmette da molti anni la sua arte nella Capitale Britannica. Tramite l’arte racconta se stessa e trasmette le sue emozioni e pensieri. Ha trovato a Londra la sua dimora pur non dimenticando mai le sue radici italiane e la sua terra.

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